What I did to the sequencer code of Blender ...

... and why it was probably a good thing, that I ruined your day at the beginning of february...

This page is about the enhancements I added in the beginning of february to the main Blender CVS tree. These are included in the current Blender release 2.42.

The aim was to make Blender a usable Non-Linear-Video-Editing system thereby making it the only free one for Linux to my knowledge, that works.

Depending on your needs maybe cinelerra or kino will do the job, but most likely they won't. (Cinelerra is not very stable and kino has it's focus more on putting home movies together.)

The Blender Sequencer had a very nice design but came short at a few crucial points. The solutions are discussed below.

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Peter Schlaile, 19. Feb 2006, updated on 20. May 2006